The Risk-Monger

There is a modern-day pirate organisation that roams the high seas with their three ships: The Esperanza, Arctic Sunrise and Rainbow Warrior, looking for PR bounty they can pillage from commercial organisations and traders. When they identify targets, be it off-shore oil rigs, fishing vessels or commercial vehicles, their attacks are swift, violent and with disregard to any ethical rules or codes of conduct. They do not follow the laws and feel that their actions are beyond reproach from a worldview they reject. Indeed, as pirates, they are an organisation accountable only unto themselves.

Their bands of PRillagers are led by a man they call “Kumi”, both revered and feared to the same degree as his reputation is built on legend (apparently he had met Mandela). Kumi has been seen with hook in hand, scaling an oil rig to deliver a message and instil fear into the hearts of simple workmen. He has stated he is prepared to die for the life he has chosen and serves as a model to all who follow his antagonistic ways. This band of pirates have attracted the young to leave their homes and join this world of PRillage and aggression, many sadly, and naively finding themselves in prison or hospital when their conquests had gone terribly wrong.

Traders and producers who serve the needs and markets of society are getting rather fed up with these pirates. They are frequently attacked with little reason or justifiable grounds and often the pirates freely tell lies, trick the organisations and then profit from their deception. It seems no justice can be found to bring this band of ill-reputes to behave in a civilised manner. Their PRillaging has no regard for the consequences, loss of lives or actual damage to the environment from their simplistic alternatives. Because of their aggressive swarm tactics, no organisation or international body is able or willing to attempt to control them.

They do not have an organisation-wide ethical code of conduct – indeed, these pirates encourage their scoundrels to break the laws, lie, attack property (including precious historical sites) and then they boast about it on their pirate media outlets (to great approval among their budding buccaneers). They also condemn the way of living of the common man as some sort of misguided servitude that deserves no respect. Their objective is to do whatever it takes to win and defeat man (to fulfil some perverted ideal that they are the voice of the planet).

Can we, today, countenance such a band of pirates who do not share our same rules of public behaviour, who lie, attack and break laws, and who feel that we must change for them? When they have no interest in dialogue and compromise, should we be expected to continue to tolerate them? Kumi, it is time to adopt group-wide ethical standards, enforce them (including your own behaviour) and join the civilised world.

This blog is of course a fiction … because since the 1600s, even pirates had a code of conduct.


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